L.B. Security Services

Clients Testimonials

We can supply clients contact details if they are required.

Best Weston Beach Croft Hotel have been using  LB Security for almost six months. Lee acted as our door supervisor throughout Christmas.  We have always found Lee to be courteous, punctual efficient and friendly. LB Security are very professional with the service they provide and we would not hesitate to recommend their services. Phillip Roberts, Hotel Manager.

Lee looked after our property after we had a serious house fire and had encountered a number of intruders and break-ins while the property was uninhabitable. We were very happy with the services and communication from Lee. I would have no hesitation in using him again or providing a reference. Justine Langridge.

Lee provided security patrols to our site when we were building our house from June to October. We have found Lee to be professional and we would not hesitate to use him again or to provide a reference - Nick Maslin.

Lee provides patrol visits to our house when we go away. We have always found LB Security to be professional and punctual, efficient and friendly. We will surely be using them again and definitely provide a reference - Paul Allen.

Lee provided security guards and door supervisors for all of our charity events / Bognor can network. We are delighted with the service he provided. Lee and all of his staff are smart, professional, courteous, punctual, efficient, friendly, trustworthy, honest and reliable. I will use them again and I will give them a reference - Kez Bindger.